Advice for First Time Home Buyers:

As a first time home buyer, you need to educate yourself not only on the real estate terms but also on how to maintain your home.  Just like a car, a home needs regular maintenance and repair to avoid disasters.  While it is tempting to buy a home in disrepair in a good neighborhood, it is very easy to get in over your head.  Ask yourself how much time and money you realistically have to fix up your new home, as well as what you need to learn to fix things. 

What Makes Us Different:

At Oasis, our goal is to educate you and evaluate your new home.  We understand the stress such a major purchase is to make.  When your home inspection is done, we won’t run out the door and never talk to you again.  You will receive a comprehensive report on the status of your home and you can call your inspector and ask questions at any time.  While every home has issues that you should be aware of in terms of maintenance and well-being, you should never feel overwhelmed by the home you are purchasing.​


Eric Rowe worked in home construction since 1995.  As a lead carpenter, he framed new homes, built additions and learned the residential construction trade from the ground up.  He also spent several years working in disaster restoration, including rebuilding homes in Massachusetts damaged by tornado.  He was frequently called in to fix home improvement jobs that were performed improperly or were behind schedule.   In 2012 he transferred his skills to home inspecting.  He has performed over 700 home inspections and is well-regarded in the industry.   

Eric is married to the love of his life and the father of four boys and lives in Portland Connecticut.  He enjoys spending time with his family, fishing and flying his drone